Business Brief

Safari Belting offers a robust product line-up of conveyor belting and accessories approved for direct food applications. Materials include Acetal, High Impact Acetal, Extreme Impact TPU, X-Ray detectable TPU, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, and other specialty compounds.


Safari Belting with clients all over the United States to manage more than 11,000 SKU’s and over 5,000 sales reps in the short term. They were doing many duplicate entries.
The old system was hard to use, and it was hard to train new employees to use it. They wanted something simple and efficient. The company had to consider the growing size of goods as well as special requirements from clients.

In particular:

  • Managing multiple inventories and SKU’s
  • optimizing multiple warehouses
  • Multiple Production Facilities
  • 3,000 quotes per month
  • Assignments for 5,000 Sales rep
  • Additional requirements for mobile app design and usability

The company currently uses QuickBooks and decided to improve all these processes in their workflow using Odoo 10.


We implemented Odoo 10 for Safari Belting to handle accounting and to manage the inventory, shipping, receiving and billing process.


  • Sales – to handle CRM through to quotations and sales
  • Purchasing – to handle our purchasing requirements
  • Warehouse & Stock – to manage inventory levels, receipts, and deliveries.

Odoo had some key features like; open source, well supported, cloud-based, truly integrated across all the main sections of our business, including CMS and eCommerce, and the ability to be extended which we know we would have to do to meet some of our unique product handling requirements.

Our workflows from stock re-ordering through receipts and deliveries are now entirely handled by the system, and we have used the standard features of Odoo to help streamline other sales and admin areas also.


To sum everything up, we would say we realized that Odoo 10 Warehouse is a comprehensive solution with the very good logic behind it that allowed us to use all the standard functions and architecture of Odoo with minimal modification and more importantly without any hard-code or tough customizations.