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Magento Consultation and Project Direction


You can take advantage of the powerful, versatile features of the world’s most popular e-commerce platform with a qualified team of Magento experts. Create from the ground up a custom store, build dedicated dealer portals, or refine custom extension functionality. If your site is currently using an e-commerce application— or if you are considering setting up a web store — talk to an expert on Cogisignals.


  • Consultation
  • As Magento experts, we can meet you personally to analyze your business needs and provide a comprehensive solution for tedious and time-consuming tasks to be overhauled.
  • Advice
  • Get valuable advice on how to monitor your e-commerce store at Magento: what metrics, what they mean, and why they matter.
  • Direction
  • Cogisignals can guide you through the process for companies that are ready to move to a modern open-source e-commerce solution.
  • Training
  • Cogisignals offers Magento training remote and on-site to enhance your technical and functional knowledge of the most powerful e-commerce platform in the world.


  • Register for one of our support & maintenance packages to ensure your site stays up and sells. Cogisignals can teach you how your Magento platform can be maintained and updated. Our expert developers are able to create customized training programs for the specific needs of your business.


Our experts from Magento are ready to guide you through the process of implementation.
It can make an extraordinary difference in the right direction. Our team is ready to find and develop solutions when our customers need help in planning, implementing and customizing their Magento e-commerce stores. To read about real-world examples, check out our Magento success stories under our news section.


To ensure that your e-commerce site is running efficiently, we allocate a set number of hours per month, week and day. If something goes wrong, we will notify you immediately and fix the problem as quickly as possible. Some businesses need maintenance along with new support for project development. With a single maintenance package, Cogisignals offers comprehensive services.

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