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Odoo’s comprehensive business application suite includes modules like Customer Resource Management, Sales Management, and Sales Point. Cogisignals can help your business exploit the powerful features of the ERP and adapt them to the unique workflow of your organization. We are ready to help, whether you are switching from another ERP or starting fresh.


  • As a certified Odoo partner, we can meet you personally to analyze your business needs and provide a comprehensive solution for tedious and time-consuming tasks to be overhauled.
  • Advice
  • Have advice on how to organize your deployment, what metrics to monitor, and how to build a successful strategy for ERP.
  • Direction
  • Understand key features of Odoo, plan paths for vendors, and more.
  • Training
  • For online and on-site training sessions, Cogisignals are available to assist with Odoo’s functional and technical understanding.


  • We are able to offer solutions for customers of all sizes by using rapid, agile development and coordination with our customers.
  • Once you are up and running, we will continue to provide customized support to maintain smooth and efficient operation of your business. Cogisignals offers extensive support and maintenance packages for Odoo ERP.


Implementation includes the entire process of integrating and deploying an ERP, including evaluation options, specifications, deployment planning, software configuration, data loading, product installation, and user training. It generally does not extend to customization of software, nor does it extend to support and maintenance.


The key factors for the smooth functioning of ERP solutions are support and maintenance. Cogisignals provides expert Odoo support and maintenance with efficient and affordable results.
Your company will need Odoo to work seamlessly after implementing Odoo ERP. You will need changes to Odoo ERP if you need updates or process improvements. Cogisignals can help you keep Odoo running smoothly.

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