7 Signs your business needs ERP system

ERP systems help the businesses to be more efficient and effective in their functioning. There are many areas where an ERP system can help in improving the way things are currently being done. However, many a times business organizations go through the regular grind, rarely realizing that seeking the help of technology would help in easing out the processes as well as provide solutions to the problems that they are facing.Let us now look at the different signs which your business operations might be giving out as a need for ERP system, and how these ERP systems would help in the business growth.

How ERP would help the business grow :

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1. Unmanageable Data : Businesses generate data. Each of the various departments of an organization – HR, Sales, Operations, Finance etc deal with lot of information which might take lot of effort and time to record, process, consolidate and share. Many a time this data becomes unmanageable and starts to hamper the regular operations. ERP Systems help to streamline this data and help manage it better. A centralized ERP solution would help easily record the data and access it conveniently as needed.

2. Lack of collaboration : There are many departments in a business organization. These departments need to work seamlessly to ensure that the whole business runs smoothly. However there are always practical challenges which the businesses run into in the daily operations and interactions. When you see such may hem between the departments, it is time to seek a ERP system which can facilitate the collaboration between the different systems.

3. Ineffective Business Analysis : Analysing the business and gaining insights from it helps to take informed decisions. However, the current process or the IT systems in place might not be offering meaningful insights from the data that is being generated. A good ERP solution would be able to offer solutions which can help you in analysing the various aspects of the business and provide insights which you can use to make business decisions. ERP solutions often integrate all the processes on one common platform which helps to have a one stop solution to store, retrieve and analyse the data.

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4. Overhead costs : Cutting down the expenditure is one of the ways to increase the profit margins. Infrastructure, IT systems, business process, Human resources etc all are involved in the functioning of the business. Over a period of time these costs tend to increase with very less returns on the investments that are being made. An effective ERP solution would help to cut down the costs on many of these expenses incurred by business. ERP solutions offer an integrated approach where the different business functions are integrated into a single platform. This not only provides less expensive options but also is easier to maintain.

5. Problems with Inventory : There are different types of Inventory that are maintained by Business organizations. The inventory is quiet painstaking to organize and maintain. Thanks to advancements in technology, ERP systems are now offering excellent solutions to maintain the inventory. Keep a tab of inventory, providing regular updates, alerts in case of inventory refill, reports on the inventory trends etc are the various solutions that ERP systems would be able to provide.

6. Limited Options : Technology has helped to redefine the boundaries of communication and interaction. The physical limitations that we have of earlier are no more a challenge with technology offering solutions to be able to reach out to people beyond geographical limitations. The earlier notion of work can only be done sitting in the office is being challenged and technological options are now enabling to work and communicate beyond the confines of an office space. ERP systems can provide with Apps, tools and other mechanisms which makes this feasible. In case you business has not yet latched up on the feasibility that technology provides in the way you and your employees work, it is high time to seek the assistance of an ERP solution which would ease the way the work is being done.

7. Unsatisfied Customer : All the efforts, strategies and the investment that goes into working of a business organization boils down to one key aspect – Customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer is the key in bringing in the profits and aiding the growth. So when you find your customer to be unhappy, it is a sure sign that all is not well with your business. There could be many factors which are influencing the end result, thereby making the customer unsatisfied.

All the above signs that we have discussed combine up and effect the process. Hence when you realise the customer is unsatisfied, its time to revamp the way we are doing things. Suitable ERP systems would provide solutions which would help to improve on the business process.

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