Welcome to October 2018 issue of our newsletter, “TechBrunch”. This issue of TechBrunch gives you a sneak peek into Importance of ERP solutions for Manufacturing Industry that gives them the edge to function like an enterprise-scale business. Also explore the possibilities of how Cogisignals can help you to create and manage your own online credited courses.

Why Manufacturing Companies Need ERP Solutions

Well most of the Company Owners ask the same question to us many times that “Why we consider an ERP system for ourManufacturing Business? We have already sorted our work and listed each and everything on hard copies as well as on our computer/laptops. Then, why should we need a customized ERP Solution?”
Well we understand their concerns but with advancement in technology and in the race to become the leader in the industry they are lacking one of the most important factor that hinders their Business growth.

Paul Hemmings, vice president of professional services at ABAS USA, noted that an ERP system should be powerful enough to help you manage a global business.
In a conference Hemmings said “An ERP system is the central infrastructure that will allow you to manage your business both at the local and global levels. It shouldn’t satisfy only your current requirements, but should also give you the flexibility to adapt any future changes that will come as your business expands internationally.”
As a matter of fact “ERPSystems” were originally created to solve the internal process tangles of manufacturing industry, like inconsistent and disorganized data, unable to track orders, shipments, generating tax invoice etc.

Well we have sorted 5 Big Reasons why you should opt. for an ERP Solution for your Manufacturing Business.

  • Demand Fulfillment – ERP provides improved control over components inventory, more accurate demand-planning, streamlined production scheduling, and more effective coordination of distribution channels, which enable companies to improve on-time delivery of products, a critical performance metric for today’s manufacturers.
  • Customized Billing & Products Entry – As a manufacturer, you have hundreds of products and for every product you have a different SKU’s in inventory, so you need a better system to keep track of everything and that’s whyERP Solutions. Moreover ERP Software help you to generate the Tax Invoice of even a single product and even you can share the stats with your company employees.
  • Easy Tracking & Traceability – Most importantly manufactures from any industry have big concerns regarding end to end delivery of products. Thanks to customized ERP Solutions which make it easy with Serial Number traceability and tracking for swift process even if there is any recall process.
  • Consistent Communication – One of the biggest problem that almost every company today faces is miscommunication. Your business suffers from a lack of consistent communication or information sharing from one department to another. From stock management to report generation, manufacturing ERP systems are designed to take on many needs of multiple departments and manage them well.
  • Efficiency – One of the biggest benefit of ERP system is the increased efficiency. By collecting information and stats from each department in the company into one standardized system, it become the more accurate, consistent and reliable tool.

When the stats are accurate and you have everything on one single platform it will be easy for any business owner to check s real-time statistics about sales, accounting, inventory, staffing, and many more key indicators of your business’s performance.